Online Banking and Business Services

Small Business

The smarter, simpler, more secure way to do your banking all from the convenience of your office, anytime day or night. Androscoggin Bank online small business services include:

  • Enhanced security  and peace of mind knowing that your account information is protected; and that you are on the authentic Androscoggin Bank website.
  • Access to real-time account information – including recent deposits, withdrawals, cleared checks, and balances
  • Transfer funds between accounts – for easy money management
  • Check images online
  • Online statements accessible conveniently and securely online
  • Links to QuickBooks® or MS® Money to download account data to your PC

Learn how easy it is to use online business banking , and how Androscoggin Bank protects your account information.

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Give your business the power of a proven financial partner today.

If you are an Androscoggin Bank account holder, you can enroll in our personal/small business online banking  now or contact customer service for assistance at 1-800-966-9172.

Contact a Business Services Officer during normal business hours for assistance with enrollment.

Bill Pay

With our free Online Bill Pay service, there’s no more writing checks, no more sending employees out for an emergency run to the post office, no more keeping track of stacks of bills. Now you can easily pay any bill right online, anytime. You can even set up recurring payments for regular bills – and for greater peace of mind. Bill Pay allows you to:

  • Search for vendors: Add new vendors by simply typing in the company name. If a match is found in the database, the vendor’s information will be added automatically. Then simply enter your account number and add your bills to be paid.
  • Pay from multiple checking accounts; choose which checking account to pay your bills from.
  • Eliminate the hassle of paying monthly bills by setting up recurring payments – a great option for such recurring bills as the mortgage, rent, utilities and auto loans.
  • See it all at a glance! The Payment Center lets you make payments and view pending payments, recent payments and bill reminders all on the same screen.
  • Easily track Bill Pay history; track amounts paid to each vendor – see who has been paid, along with the date and the amount.
  • Export information about your payment transactions into your Quicken® files.


Receive, view, search and store account statements right online using environmentally friendly eStatements . By going paperless with the convenience of “green” eStatements, you’ll reduce printing and postage costs, while helping your organization minimize unnecessary paper consumption to reduce its carbon footprint. With eStatements, you can:

  • Receive an email notification when a new statement is available.
  • Access your eStatements days earlier than paper statements; there’s no more having to wait for snail mail.
  • Download or print your statement; it will look just like the paper version you receive today.
  • View up to two years of statements – anytime.
  • Plus, eStatements are even more secure than statements left in a mailbox – and you’ll cut down on all those stacks of paper cluttering your desk.

Cash Management

Keep your cash working as hard as you do with the latest technology and products. Here at Androscoggin Bank, we make it our business to understand your business, helping you choose the services and products best suited to your company’s needs.

Call one of our expert Business Services Officers today and start building a portfolio of products tailored to your business. We can help you grow with state-of-the-art tools such as:

Online Cash Management Solutions: Our internet solutions offer secure convenient online access to your commercial accounts. You can view account balances, monitor account activity, transfer funds, place stop payments, originate wire transfers and transmit ACH transactions. Plus, you'll get added flexibility and easy access to managing your finances online.

Cash Disbursements: Disburse funds to vendors, employees and other payees with efficiency, reliability and security, using Automated Clearing House (ACH) and zero balance accounts.

Check Imaging Services: We can provide you with check images on a CD ROM along with an index and flexible search criteria to quickly access images of paid checks. Check imaging is also available with our online cash management solutions.

Account Analysis: We provide a monthly statement that includes average balances, earnings credit allowance, current earnings credit rate and all activity charges.

Cash Collections Services: Collect funds from customers and concentrate your funds where they can be best utilized through an efficient lockbox program.


Androscoggin Bank’s eDeposit allows businesses to process all non cash deposits right from your place of business.  It’s automated, secure and simple to use, utilizing scanner technology.  Benefits include improved cash flow, later posting deadlines, convenience and reduced transportation costs.  An ideal solution for businesses that have heavy check volumes or are not located close to a bank.

Account Access